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You will learn to work with: multi-accounting, automatic registration and warming of account, web content parsing, inflating (reviews, views, comments, and likes), purchase and order automation, automated bidding, and other activities.
Duration: 8 months
Unique courses in the field of information security and web automation
Market leader in multi-accounting and antifraud system research
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Detect Expert by VektorT13

Your Project at Maximum Speed

The speed of automation will only be limited by the capabilities of your device and the end web resource.

Traffic Arbitrage

Profitable Booking

Social Networks


Bonus Hunting


Web Scraping


Crypto Exchanges

Affiliate Programs

Content Marketing

Form Filling

Arbitrage Betting

Account Selling

Online Orders and Auction

SEO Promotion

Inflate views, likes, comments, and reposts
Create and warm up accounts without getting blocked
Post reviews, recommendations, and complaints automatically
Use booking services faster and cheaper than your competitors
Gather content from pages without the heavy manual labor
Test the automation of banking and credit applications
Automate your earnings in the field of betting
Automate the creation, warming, and selling of accounts
Automate and accelerate bonus acquisition by 100+ times
Test offers for resistance to automation
Automate registration and warming of account
Automate the placement of advertising materials
Many people make good money on this today
Stay a step ahead of your competitors
Inflate traffic for your resources
Automate your dating with auto-registration and AI
This is just a small part of your new capabilities.
Almost any business process that you now carry out manually on websites can be automated. This can become a serious competitive advantage and a tool for increasing profits.

Stay Two Steps Ahead of Your Competitors

JavaScript | Puppeteer
API Detect Expert | Exclusive
Python | Selenium
JavaScript is perfectly suited for automating web tasks. The Puppeteer library allows to control a browser to automate the user actions that Selenium cannot handle.
API Detect Expert offers access to the best proxies with managed rotation, SMS reception, fraud score checks, and social rating assessments. Access to the API Detect Expert cannot be purchased separately, its preventing mass use.
Python, combined with Selenium WebDriver, becomes a powerful web automation tool, allowing you to mimic a live user and avoid blocks even in the most complex automation scenarios.
You will learn to create your unique automation scripts. However, for the most complex solutions, we recommend taking our "Hacking Antifraud Systems" course. This will enable you to learn how to mimic a live user for any resource.
Everything you see in this video was done entirely through automation. The only action performed by a person was the launch of the program.

Create Your Own Automation Script

Millions of Automation Combinations

Learn to create unique, effective, and complex solutions for your business.
Learn Automation

A New Step for the Growth of Your Project

You will have unique access to API Detect Expert, which is cannot be used by regular users. All checks and procurement of consumables will be automated.
What used to be done manually and took time will now be performed automatically tens and even hundreds of times faster.
You will be able to scale your business with a minimum number of team members.
You or your employees will learn how to automate processes of registration, validation, warming up of accounts, and most importantly, various activities using the created accounts.
The use of AI makes automation an incredibly effective business tool. For a range of tasks within the course, we use the latest version of GPT.

Innovation (AI)

Unique Features

Course Program

We do not sell this course to scammers, carders, and spammers.
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Python Fundamentals for Automation

This module will introduce you to Python, providing a foundation for web action automation—a key skill in the field of IT. It will open up opportunities to automate routine tasks, work with web requests, and manage databases, making your work more productive and efficient.
  • Data types, arithmetic operations on variables
  • Conditional statements, logical expressions
  • Functions, loops
  • Arrays, lists, and their methods
  • Error handling
  • The concept of asynchrony (async, FastAPI), working with HTTP requests
  • Classes, objects, imports
  • Databases - SQLite/Mongo
  • Python frameworks

Python and Selenium - Launching Your Project into Space

You will learn how to automate tasks not only in a browser but also in an operating system, which will increase your productivity and value as an IT specialist.
  • Introductory Session: Overview of automation and its role in modern business. Automation of not only a browser, but also an operating system
  • Automation with Selenium
  • Review of solutions. Skills and software needed for effective performance
  • Basic HTML knowledge required for working with automation
  • Working with selectors and XPath
  • Private API for analysis and parsing HTML
  • Private API proxies, SMS, checkers from API Detect Expert

Multi-Accounting Automation

You will learn how to correctly choose and use proxies, services for receiving SMS, assess social ratings, and evaluate the quality of email. This module also covers the automation of financial transactions, including the use of virtual cards and reception of cryptocurrency payments, and provides knowledge on working with anti-detection browsers and automation in virtual machines, which will allow you to enhance security and privacy when conducting your online operations.
  • How to choose and use proxies. Types of proxies. Assessment of proxies quality
  • Services for receiving SMS. How to choose a number, how to automate the purchase, verification, and return of numbers. Checking the fraud score of a number
  • What is a social rating, how to assess the quality of an email
  • Automating payments using virtual cards, where to acquire and how to choose a virtual card
  • Automating the reception of crypto payments with UseGateway
  • Checking the fraud score of a card and payment data
  • Automation using Win32 and Antidetect by VektorT13
  • Automating various actions in virtual machines and Antidetect by VektorT13
  • Automation using anti-detection browsers
  • Firefox vs Chrome. Venator CyberYozh Automation Edition

Account Creation Automation Without Blocks

You will learn how to develop scripts for account registration, automate SMS and email verification processes, and bypass captchas. The module covers methods of parsing data for profiles and their subsequent placement, as well as saving the created accounts and managing them using databases. These skills are important for the effective scaling of your online operations and managing multi-accounting.
  • Creating scripts for automating account registration on various services (using simple examples of English-language websites, etc.)
  • Going through SMS and email verifications using a dating app as an example (e.g., Tinder)
  • Automated captcha solving.
  • Complex cases when creating automatic registrations on various services (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.)
  • Obtaining data for filling out profiles (name, photo, address, etc.) using a social network as an example (parsing)
  • Data placement (publication). Automating profile data entry
  • Saving and tracking the created accounts (how to properly save an account)

Imitation of Live User Activity and Data Verification

This module will teach you to create scripts that emulate realistic user activity, which is crucial for warming up accounts and increasing trustworthiness on platforms. You’ll master techniques to imitate various Internet actions, such as clicks, page scrolling, and placing orders. The module also includes the development of scripts for regular maintenance of account activity and verifying the validity of account data. These skills will allow you to improve the efficiency of your accounts and ensure their stable operation.
  • Imitation of user activity with Selenium: automatic account warming, imitation of clicks, page scrolling, orders, product views, posts
  • Writing complex multi-stage warming scenarios
  • Writing scripts for regular warming (+ CI/CD to schedule script runs)
  • Data validity checking: writing scripts for automatic verification of data correctness, for example, accounts (automatic login)

Advanced: Automation of Your Business Tasks

You will learn to automate betting stakes, process orders and reservations under certain conditions, manage communities on social networks, and carry out mass payments using virtual cards and payment systems. This module will help you minimize manual labor and increase the efficiency of your business processes.
  • Placing bets by means of (automatic betting, arbitrage betting)
  • Processing orders when certain conditions are met (for example, a desired price)
  • Making reservations of various services
  • Automating the management of social network communities
  • Automating payments using virtual cards
  • Organizing work with banks and payment systems. Mass payouts
  • Webinar: Automation of your business tasks
List of services that we will be demonstrating:
OnlyFans, Chaturbate, Livejasmin, Xhamster Live

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Baidu, VK, Badoo, Tinder, MATC

PayPal, Payoneer, eBay, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter, ASOS, Braintree, 1xBet

Amazon, Amazon AWS, Amazon SES, Amazon Pay, Square, Target, The Home Depot, Sandbox

Apple, Microsoft (CyberSource), Craigslist, Shopify, Spotloan, Western Union, Wise, Walmart, Best Buy, bet365, Betfair, Booking, Airbnb

Puppeteer and JavaScript - Beyond the Capabilities of Selenium

This module will introduce you to the world of browser automation using Puppeteer and JavaScript, providing you with the advanced knowledge to efficiently manage web pages. You’ll learn how to configure Puppeteer, navigate and interact with page elements, work with DOM and manage cookies, as well as execute synchronous and asynchronous code.
  • Introduction to Puppeteer and JavaScript: an overview of the main features and capabilities of Puppeteer for automating actions in a browser
  • Setting up Puppeteer, preparing for work. Launch arguments, opening a page, and timeout and waitUntil parameters
  • Navigating web pages and interacting with web page elements: studying and practically applying the basic commands of Puppeteer
  • Working with DOM in Puppeteer: getting to know the basics of DOM manipulation with Puppeteer and JavaScript
  • Working with cookies (saving, setting), running synchronous/asynchronous JavaScript in the page context. Reviewing the of existing Puppeteer add-ons for anonymization

Creating Browser Plugins for Automation

You will learn how to create your own plugins to manage automation processes, substitute fingerprints and IP, and integrate them with APIs. The module also covers working with the Chrome and Firefox browser APIs, creating complex context-dependent functions, and their debugging and testing.
  • Overview of existing plugins
  • Creating a plugin for managing automation and substitution of fingerprints, identifier, and IP with integration with API Detect Expert
  • Review of Chrome and Firefox browser APIs for plugins
  • Creating context-dependent functions (that respond to specific conditions on web pages or alter their content)
  • Debugging, testing, and performance
We provide exclusively up-to-date knowledge, which is why the program may be adjusted and lessons may be re-filmed during the training. This is due to the fact that services constantly change their web interface.
You will be able to install ready-to-use plugins or use their open-source code to automate your project
Each student will receive ready-to-use scripts for automation from the lessons and beyond

Ready-to-Use Scripts

Ready-to-Use Plugins

After completing the course, you will retain more than just knowledge.
Access to the GitHub repository varies depending on the tariff you choose.
  • Automating web browsers to mimic user actions

Your skills:

Your tools:

Key Skills and Tools

Take these and many other free courses on the CyberYozh Education Platform. The best translations of foreign courses to suit any taste are available immediately after registration

Start learning JavaScript and Python for free today!



Learn React, Redux, Node. js, MongoDB, GraphQL, and TypeScript all at once! The primary focus is on creating single-page applications using ReactJS, which utilize REST APIs created with Node.js
Looking for a flexible and easy-to-learn programming language? Python! Programming in Python is used in all fields—from web application and software development to data science and analytics
Selenium WebDriver
The solutions discussed duting the course work with most browsers and anti-detection solutions, including Antidetect by VektorT13.

Antidetect by VektorT13
  • Managing web page elements using CSS and XPath
  • Integration with REST APIs and handling HTTP requests
  • Working with SQL and NoSQL databases for data processing
  • Multi-accounting using browsers and virtual machines
  • Analyzing trust factors: proxies, phone numbers, emails
  • Creating scripts for registration, captcha bypass, and profile filling
  • Automating betting, ordering, reservations, and mass payments
  • Developing extensions for anonymizing browser activities and substituting fingerprints/IP

No Own Project? Earn Money on Someone Else's!

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Professional Development for QA Engineers

Head of Farming Department in Arbitrage Team


Learn to Conduct Black Box Testing

Replace Employees with Automation

Learn How to Use Tools for Testing Desktop App User Interfaces

Automatically Register and Warm Up Advertising Accounts

X Ads
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Play Market
Without any data about the web service and access to the API, you will be able to write automatic tests and conduct comprehensive front-end product testing.
You will learn how to automate registration, fully mimicking the manual account creation. This solution can replace several employees.
What was previously done manually will now be performed automatically up to 100 times faster.
Allows interaction with user interface elements of applications
Control of the mouse cursor and keyboard
Simulation of keyboard key presses

Instructors and Curators

Dmytro VektorT13 Momot
CEO Detect Expert.
In the ITSEC market, Dmytro is primarily known for his analysis and demonstrations of antifraud systems, user unique identification tools, and digital fingerprints.
QA for Antidetect by VektorT13.
Over 7 years of experience. Antidetect Personal Edition tester. Extensive experience in automation solutions for arbitrage teams, Banking, Gambling, Betting, and other areas.
Automation Engineer at CyberYozh.
Implemented projects related to business process automation, e-commerce, dropshipping, mass payments, etc.
Main tech stack: Python and Selenium.
Private Specialist.
Expert in automation tasks on websites without APIs, web scraping, reverse engineering, and bot development. Completed a number of projects in trade automation and cryptocurrency exchange.
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Tariffs and Cost

Basic Tariff, perfect for those who want to learn the basics of practical automation.
Includes ready-made solutions for popular tasks and training in automation on JavaScript.
Special tariff for company training. The minimum team size is 3 people.


Corporate Training
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